Learning and schooling

Which learning and education for my TSC child ?

It is difficult to determine which learning or education is the best adapted for a TSC child. Some children will have no or few difficulties but others can have mental retardation or even autism. So, some children can be in mainstream schooling. For other children, concerned by the epilepsy, behavioral or autistic disorders, schooling is sometimes difficult or is not possible.

Below, a graph which shows a wide spectrum of the capacities of a TSC child:

Source: Prather & de Vries, JCN 2004, de Vries & Prather, NEJM, 2007

Source(Spring): Prather and of Vries, JCN 2004, of Vries and Prather, NEJM, on 2007

Each child is unique and there is no universal rule. There are however possibilities to help children in their learning and schooling. It is, for example, recommended to have a neuro-psychological evaluation, to facilitate the choice of a school.

In the case of low or moderate retardations, dyslexia, dyscalculia or dysgraphia can frequently occur. Some of these difficulties can be addressed with orthophony or psychomotricity.

It is also necessary to note that a child can be bothered by the side effects of a medication (dizziness for example due to an anti-epileptic treatment) and it is necessary to mention it to his teachers, educators or therapists.

Behavior of a child or a teenager with TSC

Can also appear, in particular in the adolescence, anxiety, aggressiveness, attention deficits, hyper-activity, gestural routine, depression or even mutism. These disorders can aggravate in school. It is thus important that the parents remain alert and inform the people who supervise the child so that changes in behavior be quickly mentioned.

Educational options

Public, private or associative structures, are available to get information and support in case of doubt about the development of the child.

In the nursery or primary school, in case of difficulties of learning, we recommend the implementation of an Individual Adaptation Plan.

If your child does not adapt in an ordinary class, a solution may consist of schooling in small groups. These schools are particularly adapted if your child presents learning disabilities. However, these structures remain few and are generally expensive because of their specificities. They are intended for the children and the teenagers who have capacities of learning, without important behavioral disorders.

Some day-care hospitals also have facilities.

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