Patient Management

Patient healthcare coverage

Tuberous Sclerosis is classified as a « long term condition » and patients benefit generally from a 100% coverage of their care related to TSC, in many countries.

Financial support

A financial support is granted by the public authorities in some countries to compensate for expenditures due to the handicap (schooling, employment of a person, specific equipment…).

Some associations or public bodies (as city halls, houses of handicap) also propose financial supports accommodation for disabled people or the parents of an handicapped child.

Legal and patrimonial protection of the TSC patient

In case of handicap, TSC patients need an adapted protection as vulnerable individual. A mandate for future protection allows to organize with flexibility the protection on a daily basis and the management of the holdings.

On the patrimonial level, solutions specific to the handicap exist, in some countries, with tax advantages. We recommend you to get in touch with specialists to set up a strategy which could ensure the financial future of your child (generation of regular income, transmission of heritage…).

It is strongly recommended to inquire with people or with competent institutions to anticipate the situations where the vulnerable person could end up alone.